Take part in PepeTeam Bridge testing

4 min readMar 13, 2023

The bridge testing is the final stage of building a solution that will make interaction between different networks totally convenient.

PepeTeam unites like-minded individuals around the goal of finally breaking barriers between blockchains, DeFi services and crypto communities. Our main task is to create a native and friendly way for a user to communicate with blockchains. We have been gradually progressing towards this goal for several months, and we have come very close to launching our decentralized bridges. Now, we have to do the final, most important thing for every product before its release — user testing. Only an experienced user’s eye can catch a bug that a developer exhausted by miles of code missed. We offer you a chance to be the first who can touch the magic of PepeTeam Bridge and appreciate the beauty of our solution.

We have deployed smart contracts and services in the test outline to make sure that testing does not require real tokens and is as safe as possible.

To participate in the testing, install the MetaMask extension and create an account in it. Then, enable the display of test networks in the MeteMask settings (Advanced section) and connect the Sepolia test network or BSC Testnet.

In the next step, use any ETH faucet to get test ETH (for example, Faucet One or Faucet Two) or BSC faucet to get test BNB (for example, Faucet One). You will need at least 0.01 ETH/BNB for testing.

Then, install the Keeper Wallet extension, secure it by a strong password, switch the network to “Testnet” (as shown in the screenshot below) and create an account.

Use the following faucet to fund your test account in Keeper Wallet.

Now, you can relax as PepeTeam will do the rest for you. This is a joke, for sure, as we are not Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs, after all.

In fact, you need to follow this link, specify the withdrawal network (Ethereum or BSC), cryptocurrency (ETH or BNB) and the transfer amount. Then, enter your Keeper account address. Upon filling out the entire form, click on the “CONNECT WALLET” button and allow PepeTeam to connect to your MetaMask account.

Then, click the “TRANSFER” button in the Transfer form and… Are you ready? Your life will never be the same again after clicking the “Confirm” button in the MetaMask window. Come on! Do not hesitate!

Here we go. Within a few minutes, tokens will show up on the balance of your account.

Thank you for your work!!! However, to get an honorary title of PepeTeam’s favorite, you need to make a reverse transfer of ETH/BNB from the Waves network to Sepolia or BSC Testnet.

Also, we’d like to ask you to share your delight from “communicating” with our bridge by filling in this form.

P.S. And here comes some small insight for those who have read this article to the end: as soon as the test period is complete and the bridges are launched on the mainnet, fees for transferring tokens will be so tiny (only 0.2$ — 0.3$) that you’ll need a magnifier to notice them.




PepeTeam is a highly qualified, anonymous and independent development team. We are open to new ideas and work in the interests of the crypto community.