More income opportunities for sWAVES holders

3 min readJan 16, 2023

Two months ago, PepeTeam realized a completely new approach to WAVES staking — sWAVES staking. Since then, more than 130,000 WAVES have been invested, with a yield reaching 23%. Are you surprised yet? So, okay, how about increasing your income by several times? From January 16, 2023, sWAVES tokens can be invested in the sWAVES/WAVES liquidity pool, whose APY may reach 120%. Well, are you surprised now? Then it’s time to make higher profits!

How to stake WAVES via PepeTeam

If you haven’t staked your WAVES yet, go to the PepeTeam website and head to your WAVES account via Keeper Wallet.

Then, after connecting, calculate your approximate income, based on the current APY. If you find your prospective APY attractive, it’s time to click the “Deposit” button.

When you click on “Deposit”, a pop-up window will appear. Filling out the form, specify only half of your WAVES so that you could invest the other half in the sWAVES/WAVES pool.

And finally, click the “Deposit” button once again. Shazam! The sWAVES tokens have already been transferred to your Waves account.

But why should your sWAVES collect dust? Let’s make them work!

How to invest sWAVES in the WX Network liquidity pool

Navigate to the sWAVES/WAVES pool’s tab on the WX Network website and log in to the same account where you have staked your WAVES. After that, in the “Deposit” form, specify the amount of sWAVES tokens you want to invest (a corresponding WAVES amount will be inserted automatically) and click on the “Deposit and Stake” button.

Income from your liquidity pool investment is made up of the pool token’s price growth (LP token) and WX tokens you receive for the staking of the pool token. Now, every minute you will receive WX tokens, which you can claim at any time in the pool’s tab. When you withdraw sWAVES and WAVES from the pool, you will receive more sWAVES and WAVES than you invested because of the LP token’s price growth.

Isn’t that great? It could get even greater! A liquidity pool’s APY can be boosted via the staking of WX tokens you received as a reward or bought on the spot market.

How to increase liquidity pool’s APY

Just switch to the WX staking tab on the WX Network website, specify a staking period and the amount of WX tokens you want to stake. The longer the staking period and the more WX tokens you stake, the higher your investment’s APY. It remains only to click on “Stake WX” and enjoy your passive income. Your income will be boosted automatically.

Stake more WAVES with PepeTeam, invest more sWAVES with WX Network and increase your earnings!




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